Send In Your Pictures

We want and need hot pictures of your wife or girlfriend or both. Does the woman in your life like to show off? If she does send us her pictures We can only use pictures that cover “everything” but lets see how close you can get without showing “everything”. anything! Push the limit you know we would. We also more than welcome “tame” pictures. You know the ones, dressed to go out, a day at the beach or just the cute ones in a sweat shirt and jeans.In fact a great idea would be to; pose her in front of your new firepit, rock landscaping, new boat, fishing pole or whatever it is that interests you. Anything you like, I am sure, our readers and most of all us will also like. Send them! Make us envy you, send now!

All pictures are reviewed before being added to our hot girls website.

Scan the pictures into your computer. (If they are on video tape, use a capture device to convert them into digital stills.)

Compress the images into .JPG format using an image editor. If you have know idea what i am talking about go ahead and send it, and we will do it for you.

What pictures are not accepted?

Pictures are inappropriate for this site if they contain nudity, celebrates, jokes, URLs, or if the picture is not of a person.

Please be sure that the material you send us is yours, and not someone else’s. Please be sure the material is not copyrighted and/or stolen from another web site . You must be fully aware that by sending us your material through the e-mail, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question. We do not accept any material which shows persons under 18 years old or images of persons who look like they are less than 18 years old. We have the right to not accept your contribution without any further explanation. We also do not accept any kind of material which is bizarre or might be considered as illegal.

What if I see a photo on this site that is inappropriate?

Us the contact form below to let us know. The photo will be re-reviewed by the staff. If you notice a photo that you know to be copyrighted or should not be on here for some other reason.

Can I take my picture off the site once it has been submitted?

Yes, you can request to have your picture removed at any time. Us the contact form below to contact us and a member of staff will do this for you.