Posing Tips For Better Pictures

If you are a working with a professional photographer he will normally guide you through the photo shot inspiring you to get the correct poses to capture your best full body and head shots . He will be able to control the shot to gain the best results and great modelling photographs.

It doesn’t matter how hot a model is, no mater how naturally beautiful she may appear. Unless a model knows how to pose properly and the photographer knows how to direct the girl, taking good modelling pictures is a lot harder than you think.

Many top and professional models rely on a set of tested and proven posing rules that works well for promo, magazines and even the runway. When ready magazines pay particular attention to the way the models pose. You will soon start to see a pattern in the way the shots have been put together.
Here is a list of some of the more important things to remember when starting out on your path to been a hot girl model.

Keep good Posture

It is very common for people to have a bad posture. For modelling however it will always look particularly bad and really ruin an otherwise good shot. Remember to keep your back straight and shoulders up and back. Slouching will not only make the stomach look larger but will also distort you body shape. Tensing the stomach muscles will help you look more balanced and toned.

Remember to Breath

Yes you need to concentrate to gain good pictures, but over doing it and hence forgetting to breath properly can make a picture look unnatural appearing almost forced.

Symmetry Limbs

Symmetry of your arms and legs will always look odd. When posing try and pose your arms and legs slightly different form each other. if you have one bent then slightly straiten the other one. It will make the poses look more natural and balanced.

Knowing where to look

Looking directly at the camera will work for some pictures but not all. It is far better to look directly at the camera then keeping the eyes still pointing at the camera just turn the head slightly. This will also work moving the head up or down slightly. This technique also works the other way, after looking directly at the camera just turn the eyes slightly away but keep the head facing forward. Experiment with different head and eye positions to enhance your modelling session.

Great Cleavage

Making sure you make the most of your cleavage is of the upmost importance for modelling posses. There are two diffrent posses that can be used to maximize the size of any breasts. There is the leaning forward pose, which will require the arms to be pushed together at the elbows to lift the cleavage. You can also use the leaning backwards pose which will require the arms to be lifted about the shoulders and head.

Facial Expressions

Showing off your gorgeous smile is just on of the many facial expressions you will need to really make it as a model. You will never make it as a top model unless you work on your facial vocabulary. Think about trying to add movement into your face with laughter, frowning, shouting and even the odd funny face. Also having a good cute strait face will get you a long way.